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Weekend Gardening

@ Lavender Valley Farm

It’s very daunting to start off a blog so I’ve gone for an easy option, to blog about my hubbie.  Well of course its easier to always talk about someone and who better than your partner.
Well I do have to mention, that quite honestly nothing would have been done around this place it it wasn’t for Pete – from helping me with my vision and then constantly answering my demands, to doing this, fixing that, ‘You want what…!’. Seriously Lavender Valley Farm wouldn’t have been possible without him as I have had every faith that no matter what I wanted, he would deliver.
And this weekend was no different.  We managed to hit out at the Fig tree with the chainsaw and clear away all the undergrowth.
This poor tree hasn’t had much love over the last couple of years but it produces large numbers of figs in summer (which I will shameably admit – I’ve let the birds enjoy up until now). So with some brute strength and a handy chainsaw we cleared away around the bottom so that when this year’s crop comes about I am not scared to walk under it to harvest.  It’s silly season with snakes and creepy crawlers, so I wanted access to get into the centre.
The plan is to make some lovely fig jam for next year to sell at the shop, of course infused with lavender and hopefully some quongdongs to spice things up.
From our tree I managed to get a number of cuttings with roots free flowing from it so I’m just about to plant them out and then I’ll have a few more lovely fig trees to give me a bumper crop in a few years.
So hopefully next year we will have a new gourmet range for you to enjoy…

Chat Soon, Liz