Try Keeping a Farm Clean!!

Today on my day off I had the mad panic of trying to clean the house.   Quite simply its the fact that my in-laws are coming this weekend to stay and I can barely see out the kitchen window – and please don’t even mention the bathroom!

What is it about having guests that gets us all into a great rush to: clean windows; remove cobwebs, that just seem to come back straight after visitors have left; buy mattress protectors; change the dead lightbulbs, and then go ‘where’s the polyfilla?’ (Oh no, I need a trip to Bunnings!) so I can fix up the wall that’s had a chunk taken out of it.

Needless to say I barely touched the surface!  I only did the kitchen windows that everyone can see out of, only wiped down the guest bathroom, and then made sure the front door cobwebs were above head height.  I love how super organised people have a mantra of ‘just do 10 minutes a day’ or follow the theory of ‘doing one room a day’ to keep on top of it.  Well I feel like I do 10 minutes a day but it’s just not enough nor prepares me for visitors!! Maybe I shouldn’t get so worked up about having visitors, however I do get a sense of accomplishment when I’ve tidied things up, however momentary it lasts.

My biggest problem is that I’ll have the house clean by Wednesday and then be away leaving 2 dogs in charge and the in-laws arrive 2 hours after I get back……

I think my best bet is to turn on the oil burner.  I’ve dug it out of  the cupboard and been using soy melts to burn beautiful essences and fragrances.  At the moment I have an ‘Energy’ one in there.  It seemed to be quite appropriate that I have this one on hand at the moment, as I am in dire need to find the energy to clean.

Somehow I am hoping I can harness the power of smell to overcome any cleaning oversight, like fingermarks on the fridge door, or the dog licks that I know will appear on the laundry sliding door!  I bought the melts from the Julie at Summer House Pantry and the fragrance is one of Bramble Berry‘s – the awesome fragrances I use in soap making.  Yummy smells for everything.  Easiest way to get them is through Aussie Soap Supplies as they are the Australian distributor for them.

So now I’ll just have a cup of tea and smell in some Energy and ponder about what part of the house I will do tomorrow night when I get home from my 2nd day job, and whether or not it will take me 10 mins or another 10 hours to get this place ship shape.

Chat Soon, Liz