Where are you Driving??


Well this weeks blog is taking off in a slightly different direction than I originally thought.  You might be asking ‘What is she going to whinge about this week’ – well here it is, CARS..  Well of course we whinge about cars because when they don’t work we get really frustrated and annoyed.

Do you know how many blogs there are on the internet related to cars?  I mean really – do people actually write blogs about cars? There are: Car Brand Blogs; Car Care, Maintenance and Repair Blogs; Car News and Reviews Blogs; Car Buying and Research Blogs,; Green Car and Classic Blogs and for those that can’t be grouped Other Car Blogs.  Well obviously the further down I investigated I worked out that I really needed the Korean Car Blog for my little Hyundai – I wonder how helpful it really is.  Not sure what the manual in glovebox is for…

It all started when my engine light came on in Perth last week.  Cars running fine, but there’s a light telling me something is not right.  Typically this always happens when you have people relying on you for lifts and you have to drive 450kms to get home!!

Well thankfully the rides I gave home filled in my day by having good conversation, so a rather over- long trip was made more bearable.  Mind you in the back of my mind was the fact that my in-laws just so happened to be following hot on my tail to pick up any pieces should they fall off!!  (There went my idea of whizzing home and mopping the floor before they arrive!!!)

Well to cut a long story short, the upshot is I have metal in my fuel so hey ‘maybe the fuel tank is disintegrating’ or ‘maybe the fuel line is as well’.  Doesn’t sound particularly wonderful does it?

Well enough about that.. So this weekend is a Looooonnnnggg weekend and the weather is looking particularly fine (even if I would like a drop or two of rain though).  Winter will officially be here being the 1st June…  however with perfect sunny weather -not too hot and not too cold – its perfect to be out and about driving.

Why not head out to the Chapman Valley and have a look around.  We’ve got the Chapman Valley Aquaculture , Nanson Museum, Burnt Barrel, Coronation Beach, Nanson Pub, Copperhead Road Distillery or try one of the Chapman Valley Day trips  and while your on your way – pop by and say hello. Don’t get bogged down at home, head out somewhere to enjoy the lovely fresh air.  And have a great Long Weekend.


Chat Soon, Liz