Wedding Belles and Bullets

This weekend I was really lucky to be invited to a fantastic wedding here in the heart of Chapman Valley.  No it wasn’t at our place, which was great because then I didn’t have to worry about bridezillas, family dramas, food wars, people missing buses, bad music or anything.  And yes I’ve had to deal with all of the above at some time or another regarding weddings, however I’ve loved them all.

This wedding was between 2 great neighbours, Flick & Pikey and it was lovingly set at their home.  With an afternoon of glorious sunshine, everyone was able to bask in the sun and soak up the atmosphere.  Situated high on a block the service and party was set over looking the picturesque Chapman Valley with views of the ranges and their fabulous flat tops.  Lots of little touches made it special and unique to these two fabulous people who have joined their families together.  From including the kids in the wedding party and service, to custom rings, wildflowers, all followed up by a gun slinging photo shoot, this wedding felt very ‘real’ to all who were there.

Thank you to Geoff Udy Photography for the photograph.

Funnily enough it was my third wedding this year to attend.  By my age I am starting to run out of people I know who are planning to get married, although I will admit that 2 out of the 3 this year I’ve attended were second weddings.

We love having weddings here at Lavender Valley Farm, but I’ve actually lost count of the number of weddings we’ve had here.  I can clearly remember the first two as they were incredibly stressful given the fact that it was at the beginning stages of learning all that was required of organising and coordinating food and service for those lovely brides.  In fact on occasions I feel like I am going through the process of planning my own wedding again and all the associated stress.  From each wedding I’ve learnt: tricks of the trade, new ideas, good lessons, and hopefully how to make it as stress free for bride to be.  (Though I think that just comes with the territory!!!)

So below I’ve complied a few tips for either those of you who are planning to get hitched or maybe you know someone who is.

a) work out what you  and your partner like – don’t listen to family expectations etc.  (If you want a relaxed cocktail party then don’t be coerced into a formal sit down.)  Be personal and unique, be yourselves.

b) know your budget and all that it encompasses.  Liquor, dress, food, location.. and of course the list can go on and on and on…

c) invite those who you really want at the wedding or are likely to remain in contact with.  Just remember that sometimes those you are’obligated’ to ask, will attend because its a great excuse for them to meet up with old friends.  Maybe not all your team or work mates need to attend either.  Renting a crowd doesn’t always make for a great wedding. Sometimes when you intimately know your group it is more special.

d) be present in the moment – ie. don’t get too carried away by all the fancy photography that can occur to make your wedding really stand out.  Yes its great to ‘look’ at your wedding but even more so is for you to ‘be’ at your wedding.

e) and lasting point just remember – there will always be hiccups.  Don’t get too bogged down in perfectionism.  You are there for the day and the meaning, not to be stressed that there is the threat of rain, or uncle Albert will wreck the photo shoot because he turned up in a 30 year old pair of pants.  Look at it as things to remember the day by.

I could go on forever, however I won’t.   Just to finish to say I had a wonderful long weekend I hope you did too.  I saw lots of people out and about, and went to a wonderful wedding.

Chat Soon, Liz