Summer loving… Aloe Vera….

Summer has burst upon us in all its glory.

Are you one of the mums running around watching school swimming carnivals wishing you could just dive in and cool off.  Or perhaps you’re sitting on the sidelines of a kids cricket game reading a novel whilst trying not to doze off.  Or you could be just like me who’s trying to catch up with friends over a nice glass of bubbly or SSB, trying to find ‘me’ time now that kids are back at school.

I get mixed emotions about Summer, as it means I have more time to myself, however the weather is not really conducive to the things I love doing the most – gardening, quilting and GEE… I would really love to try welding, however the very real threat of fire doesn’t quite make it possible.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have teenagers who love to go to the beach and it doesn’t matter how much sunburn cream they or I put on, there is always a spot missing.  I’ve even now resorted to the not so nice nose zinc in the hope to alleviate red spots under the eyes.  It was much easier when kids were little and I could force them to cover up, but now well…..

However there’s one thing they always request from me and that my Aloe Vera After Sun Lotion.  Even my son is keen to alleviate the pain and after effects of a full day in the sun with it.  Our light Aloe Vera After Sun Lotion is light and cool to the skin, not to mention it also softens and replenishs the skins natural level of hydration.

Aloe vera is a succulent, which is apparently very easy to grow.  At the moment succulents are fashionable in the garden, so its pretty easy to get your hand on them.  If you can’t be bothered buying one, then just grab a stem off a friends and plant straight out.

The beauty of Aloe vera plants is that you can just pick a stem off and rub the gooey translucent gel over the irritated area of skin.  They’re also great for bites and stings as there is an anti-inflammation agent in the plant which is why I’ve used it in my Insect and Mosquito Lotion.

Now we at LVF have combined the cooling effects of Chamomile and Cucumber Extracts to enhance the beautiful cooling and regenerating effects of the Aloe Vera plant.  So next time you or your loved ones take in too much sun, use our After Sun Lotion or grab a stick of aloe vera.  Enjoy summer safely….xxx

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