Water and Me…..

dq0x8avnkv8-tirza-van-dijkNow as you know, I live on a farm in the Midwest of Western Australia and seriously all I think about is water – rainwater that is.  When will it rain, have we enough rain water, how to minimise water use etc etc… probably a common mantra for most people in rural Australia, however it is only just recently that I’ve actually started to think of water and its necessity to my body and general well being.

It only started a week or so ago and I’ll be quite frank, its taken this long in my life for it to finally dawn on me. It basically came about during my flight to Hong Kong and experiencing the dehydrating effects of that, that I seriously started to contemplate the essence of water to me.  I’ll admit I am a coffee & tea addict, and have always said that I should drink more water, however I always make up excuses by thinking that those hot drinks were adding liquid into my body, so all was good.

Anyway after my recent travels – and yes it was for work, I invested in a water bottle to carry around with me all day.  As we head into an Australian summer and Christmas period, I am trying to remember to fill by bottle up each day and drink a good amount of water to combat all the other toxins (ie. alcohol) I am currently putting through my body.  If you struggle like me with drinking water, try adding lemon or mint to refresh the taste.  Personally I hate the local town water supply but I’m fortunate enough to have rainwater on supply – until I get towards the end of summer/autumn where I am counting out the drops left in a tank!!.

To this enwater-bottled I have a friend who’s Dandelion Eco store has fantastic water bottles that keep your water fresh and cool for longer periods.  With Christmas around the corner a water bottle is both a practical and great gift for someone. So guess who’s getting them for Christmas – you guessed it – kids & hubby.  Plus,  given we’re going away for a summer holiday having your own bottle ensures you can readily fill up and refresh without having to buy bottled water all the time.

Just remember to empty it before you get on an aeroplane!!! I ended up having to water a plant with mine whilst boarding the plane, however was fortunate enough they had a water tap the other side of security. Good luck hunting for your own water bottle this summer….

Chat soon, Liz